As announced earlier this summer we’re working with Amsterdam-based producer and musician Sleepin Giant on a release currently planned for early 2014 and titled Purple. This will be a four/five track EP of modern day soul with an international cast of vocalists. It is something we’re very excited about.

Thing is no one really knows who Sleepin Giant is. The man has spent the past decade honing his craft in private and so it’s only right that we at least give you a taster, or two, of what’s to come. To that end we’ve put together the Leftist Hobbyist, a collection of remixes SG put together while working on his debut. We handpicked the best and are giving it away for free. It features remixes of Kev Brown, D’Angelo, Kendrick Lamar, and Stanley Ipkuss. All soul. All feels.

Download Leftist Hobbyist

In addition to this SG has put together a demo reel of past, present and future work for our friends at Laid Back Radio in Belgium. The Sunshine Soul Showcase is 30 mins of blissful music for the soul, from the soul. It includes tracks from Leftist Hobbyist, his remix for On Point’s Sweet Rendez-Vous 12″ and two previews of the Purple EP alongside some unreleased jams. You can stream it exclusively via Laid Back Radio on Mixcloud, and we will make it available for download in the near future.

Stay tuned for more.

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