Sleepin’ Giant is an Amsterdam-based producer who we’ve known for close to ten years now. In fact not only was he Lewis’ housemate for a while, he’s also another old head from the scratch scene days, which is how we originally linked up. Alongside Lewis he’s responsible for those Monte Carlo Polo Team tracks you may have heard in some of our mixes.

You could say SG is a mysterious figure, not one for social media-ing his day to day or boast in public. He’s only had one official remix out so far, on the excellent On Point label outta Brussels. He makes modern soul. He also makes some incredible hip hop beats, again on that soulful tip. They. Knock. Hard.

Don’t believe us? Listen to his remix of Kev Brown’s classic Allways or his remix of underground gem skpyInts and tell us otherwise (both above). Jay Scarlett agrees with us. The Kev Brown remix has received nearly 2,000 plays over the past week.

SG will release his debut on Original Cultures in the near future. 4 tracks dripping with soul featuring a string of incredible vocalists. We are excited about revealing it to the world.

Before that though we’ll be releasing a free EP of hip hop remixes, including the Kev Brown one and some others which have appeared on his Soundcloud in the past. It’ll be called Leftist Hobby and there’ll be some surprises in there too. Expect this and a very special mix for LaidBack Radio in mid to late August.

Until then, don’t sleep…

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