As announced at the end of last year, our second release for 2013 comes courtesy of Almighty Sion, a duo composed of SertOne and Bolts – currently residing in Liverpool and originally from Ireland and England respectively.

The Beat Generation is Almighty Sion’s first official release, a 30 minute excursion into one side of their musical world. Essentially a beat tape the release will be available as a limited edition cassette – only available via the Original Cultures Bandcamp – and digital release, which will include split tracks and cassette format sides. The release is intended to be heard in side format, with all the beats mixed together in a style reminiscent of the megamixes of the 90s. Also please note the cassette includes two bonus tracks unavailable anywhere else.

Early support comes from Kutmah, Kidkanevil, Will LV, Up My Alley, Donky Pitch.

The cassette and digital will be available from mid-April 2013. Ahead of this you can watch an interview with Almighty Sion for Bay TV Liverpool and preview five tracks from the release, as well as read the official blurb.

“There is no beat generation. Just a bunch of writers trying to get published.” – Allen Ginsberg

Pinpointing what continues to make the 1950s Beat movement so influential and inspiring isn’t easy. Perhaps there is a timeless truth to some of what Ginsberg and others did and said which continues to echo across the ages, making itself relevant in new ways and in new surroundings with each generation that follows it.

Almighty Sion’s The Beat Generation takes its cue from both the original Beat movement and from another eponymous movement, a more modern one tied to the evolution of hip hop production, sampling aesthetics and beat tapes.

As a pair of young producers, some of what they reference happened before they were born while other elements entered our collective reality when they were mere teens. The result, the music on this tape, is an honest expression of who they are, what they like and what they want. This honesty is most apparent in the music’s simplicity, without taking anything away from the tracks on this tape. This is after all a beat tape. It doesn’t try and reinvent the wheel. It does what it aims to do well and with honesty. And it’s that honesty, and youthful enthusiasm, that captured our attention and led us to believe this was a project worthy of putting out there into the world.

We hope you feel the same. And that you keep on dreaming.

Almighty Sion are Sert One and Bolts. Mastered by Ian Carter. Artwork by Paper Resistance.

Recording personel: Mpc 2000xl · Korg Microkorg · Dr. Boss SP-303 · Kaoss Pad Mini
MPD32 · Bass Guitar · Guitar · Records · Korg MS2000


Side A
1. The Mother Sun
2. Don’t You Dare
3. Polish Private
4. Gilled Out
5. Capitalude

Side B
1. Unknown Things
2. Daughter Read It
3. Come Home
4. Klowd Sandwhich
5. Dharma
6. Sand On My Feet
7. Basket

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