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The good people at Bonafide Magazine have just put up a guest mix by Daisuke Tanabe which was commissioned following the Kidsuke tour and the first Zoooriginals 7″ release. You can stream the mix below:

It’s a chill 30 minutes trip into Daisuke’s mind, which nicely echoes the more ambient and atmospheric aspects of his work so far. Don’t forget you can still buy a copy of the Zoooriginals 7″ featuring Daisuke Tanabe on one side and Jealousguy on the other. All orders via our Bandcamp also receive stickers and good karma, but for those of you who prefer shops there are a few copies left in the usual places and at our distributors.

Also we’d forgot to put it on the website after emailing it to everyone over the holiday period, but we’ve uploaded the Jealousguy and Kidsuke live sets from the Bologna show, the last on our recent European tour. Both sets can be streamed and/or downloaded directly from our Soundcloud or using the embed below:

Enjoy and stay tuned for news about the second Zoooriginals release which should see the light of day in a month or two.

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