Closing down on 2012, we’d like to introduce you to two of our new artists who will be releasing with us in 2013 (and hopefully beyond).

First up is Lewis James, an old friend of ours who currently resides in Amsterdam. After helping him release his debut EP, Heavy Romance, on Raid System earlier this year we’ll be dropping two EPs with Lewis in 2013. The first, out around April 2013, will be under the name ‘Ballcano’ and feature four cuts of dancefloor action inspired by the scratch days – expect some surprises. This will be followed by another dancefloor-minded EP in late 2013.

You can hear a taster of what Ballcano holds in the DawnDayNight mix embedded above and get more familiar with Lewis via his showcase mix for Electronic Explorations. There are additional previews of Ballcano (and other projects of his) in previous showcase mixes we’ve done, so check the audio archive.

Second is Almighty Sion, a production duo composed of SertOne and Bolts, two young producers who reside in Liverpool, England. Having already been making a name for themselves as solo artists, the pair have teamed up for the Almighty Sion project which is inspired in no small part by their common love of hip hop production and beat making as well as a keen understanding of its history. Their debut release will be a beat tape project inspired by the beat generation which will be released as a cassette circa March 2013. There’ll also be some extras before that, more details soon.

You can hear previews of the Almighty Sion beat tape on the recent showcases we did on the CDR Audio show and The New Jerusalem, over on NTS Live.

Stay tuned for previews and more…

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