So the Kidsuke and Guests tour started just under a week ago when Daisuke Tanabe and Masami Takahashi (aka Jealousguy) made it through customs in London without a hitch – anyone who’s ever organised a tour with international artists will know that can be a stressful stage, thankfully we came prepared with all the documents.

Since then it’s been a bit of a sleep deprived blur as we hit the ground running 24h after the pair landed with back to back shows in Bratislava, Berlin, Krakow and London. Every show has been a success, with bodies dancing, jaws dropping and people asking where they can get more. Jealousguy’s live show has been particularly interesting to witness, both for the show/music itself and the crowd reactions. I’d only ever heard it – ever since she was introduced to me by Repeat Pattern and Daisuke last year – and seeing it live definitely adds a dimension to what she does. To put it simply she plays two MPD controllers like a piano, with the pads linked to hundreds of audio snippets in Ableton. You have to see it to believe it, and handily someone recorded her solo showcase this past Sunday in London:

As for the Kidsuke show it’s been equally fascinating to watch it develop as the guys have not been together since the album was finished. As such Bratislava was the first live show, but more importantly also a total test run with the pair having only had a few hours to prepare everything. Showing their experience – and affinity as a pair – it only took them until the second show in Berlin to lock down the set more solidly and those of you coming to London are in for a treat. There might be even be a surprise.

Most of all it’s been an absolute pleasure to watch the three of them bond over the first week, not only is there an affinity between Daisuke and Kidkanevil, but Masami has fitted in perfectly and everyone is feeding off each other’s energies.

For those who know a bit about our history, one of the original impetus for setting up Original Cultures four years ago was a personal desire to bring Japanese artists to Europe which people would never (or rarely) get a chance to see unless they visited Japan. In that time the project grew and evolved in ways I could have never expected seemingly taking us away from this original idea. Yet four years later we find ourselves presenting this tour and achieving one of my original goals: bring to Europe two incredibly talented and unique Japanese producers that would likely never be able to tour as such without the support we’re giving them (and the financial support we’ve received to make the tour happen). Seeing all this unfold, watching it from the side while organising it all has been incredibly inspiring and a reminder that often in life the road you take to get to where you want to be isn’t quite the one you had in mind. Hopefully one of the next steps in our adventure will involve the second half of this original idea, bringing dope European producers to Japan for a tour.

As we enter the second week we’ve got a few more days off – packed full of interviews, rehearsals and sightseeing – and then it’s back on the road for the London, Norwich, Bristol and Manchester shows. We’ve got loot with us too, including the brand new Zoooriginals #1 7″s featuring Masami and Daisuke (more details on those in a day or so), signed tour posters and Kidsuke albums. So come see us, grab a record and enjoy a truly unique show. Oh and support some proper grassroots arts and culture efforts too.

Here’s some photos from the first week. Follow us online on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr for more.



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