The Kidsuke and Guests tour stopped by The Funhouse TV this past week for a live session alongside host Chris P Cuts. This was the only live streaming session of the tour featuring both the Kidsuke live show (in a slightly shortened format) and Jealousguy. It was tons of fun and you can now watch it back at your convenience using the links below. If you’re unable to catch the tour (which is still making its way around Europe) then this is your chance to see what the fuss is all about!

Watch part 1 featuring Chris P Cuts, Jealousguy and the first half of Kidsuke

Watch part 2 featuring second half of Kidsuke and Laurent Fintoni

Don’t forget you can still buy the Kidsuke album on Project Mooncircle as well as Original Cultures’ Zoooriginals 7″ featuring Daisuke Tanabe and Jealousguy with artwork from Ericailcane.

Much love to Chris and the Funhouse gang for the great vibes.

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