A couple weeks ago Will LV invited us to be part of a Just Jam TV session he put together for Tim and Barry, the guys who run Don’t Watch That TV. Alongside Om Unit, Shigeto and Traxman we went down to the studio and pre-recorded a session (it’s normally broadcast live) which is now online for your audio and visual enjoyment.

Laurent from Original Cultures opened up with a 30 minute showcase of music from the label, affiliated artists and friends which includes exclusive previews of the first Zoooriginals 7″ and the Blackjob remix EP alongside music from Danny Drive Thru, SertOne, Bolts, Monte Carlo Polo Team, Moresounds, Danny Scrilla and Lewis James.

You can watch the session on Youtube, complete with some fairly mental visuals courtesy of the Just Jam crew (they do the visuals in real time while you play), listen back on Mixcloud or download the audio directly.

Big thanks to Will for the invite and Tim & Barry for the fun and hospitality. Be sure to also check the Om Unit and Shigeto sets. A longer version of this mix should be online soon for Brooklyn Radio too.


SertOne – Seen – Free download
Monte Carlo Polo Team – Royal Flush – Unreleased
Blackjob ft. Suz – Rise Again (Danny Scrilla remix) – Forthcoming Original Cultures
Beat Inc. – Black Tea Morning (Squeaky Lobster remix) – Original Cultures
Danny Drive Thru – Why Do It Like That, Though? – Unreleased
Ballcano – Vesuvius – Unreleased
Daisuke Tanabe – Wana – Forthcoming Original Cultures
Danny Scrilla – Hindsight – Unreleased
Moresounds – Bridge is Over – Unreleased
Bolts – Cheat – Unreleased
Blackjob ft. Suz – Rise Again (Baobinga remix) – Forthcoming Original Cultures

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