Original Cultures Records was born at the tail-end of 2011. After three years of putting together unique week-long events in Bologna and London we decided that the next logical step for the project was to grow into a record label, allowing us to put out music from artists we’ve worked with over the years in our events but also to expose new talent to the world and most importantly to give people beautiful products, the kind of products that we as fans of vinyl, books and other physical objects would like to own.

The label’s ethos is simple: we want to release music we feel passionate about and which we think deserves wider attention. We don’t intend to stick to any particular genre, though it goes without saying that our personal tastes in music are an important factor in our A&R work – as reflected in the first set of releases. Some of the artists we work with come from our past, people who have been a part of Original Cultures’ first three years of events – be they musicians or visual artists. Our roster is international.

Format wise we want to put out as much physical products as possible, while utilising the digital format as a way to keep the label active in between vinyl releases.

The artwork and visual side of our releases is just as important as the music. It is looked after by Paper Resistance, one of the founders of Original Cultures, and one of Bologna’s best kept secrets.

The first release was a free two-track download from tatsuki*, one of the first artists we worked with. This was followed by two EPs from Beat Inc., a young Italian duo and an EP from Italian legend Mannaman under his new Blackjob alias. All these were released within the first six months of 2012, setting the ground for the future.

Considering the current state of the music industry it goes without saying that we did not start the label to make money. Rather it is a continuation of everything we have done and worked for and a further embodiment of our passion and wish to connect cultures through performing arts. We hope you stick with us for the ride.

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