Original Cultures and Zooo Print & Press are proud to present the first release in the Zoooriginals series of collaborative, limited-edition picture 7” vinyl releases.

The concept is simple: Two musicians, one side each. One visual artist, two sides. All exclusive, never before seen or heard. Limited edition 7” vinyl run. No digital. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

For the first in the series we invited artists who have helped and continue to make Original Cultures such an amazing adventure. The music is handled by Daisuke Tanabe and Jealousguy, two unique Japanese producers (from Tokyo and Hokkaido respectively) who will be part of the Kidsuke and Guests tour which Original Cultures is bringing to Europe in November 2012. The artwork is handled by the one and only Ericailcane, one of the first visual artist to take part in Original Cultures back in 2009/2010.

The music is hip hop. The artwork is something else.

Wana by Daisuke Tanabe features solid 808 drums foundations combined with melodies that came to us from our dreams. In Japanese Wana means
trap. There is a joke there.

Hydra by Jealousguy is the sonic equivalent of the ancient multi-headed monster of Greek mythology. Expect this is its Japanese relative and it likes hip hop.

The artwork by Ericailcane features monkeys on one side and a whale on the other drawn in his own unique style.

Zoooriginals #1 will be available to buy on the Kidsuke and Guests tour in November 2012 before full release on November 26th. Copies will also be available from Original Cultures’ Bandcamp and Zooo Print & Press online shop.

Preview below!

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