Original Cultures – Beat One | Friday 22 June – Piazza Verdi estate – Bologna

Beat One is the first part of Original Cultures’ 2012 summer showcase. The session features the A Boom Bap Continuum talk by Laurent Fintoni, a look at the evolution of hip hop’s boom bap production aesthetic from 1999 to 2009 and beyond. Using both music and visual props, the talk is an on-going work that attempts to map the evolution of the production aesthetic through cultural, geographical and technological factors.

Following 2011’s The Formula production, new collaborations and ideas were born including Beat Inc. – a duo composed of producer B.Kun and drummer Hed – and Original Cultures Records, the logical evolution of the project’s work over the last four years. The label’s first release is The Formula EP by Beat Inc. four tracks and three remixes from artists associated with Original Cultures. On the night we will be showcasing this release and its artists with live shows from Beat Inc. and Brussels’ Squeaky Lobster – one of the EP’s remixers and Vlek records artist.

19,00 – A Boom Bap Continuum talk
21,00 – The Formula EP presentation | Original Cultures Records with Beat Inc. + Squeaky Lobster live

Original Cultures Records

Original Cultures Beat Two | Wednesday July 4 – Piazza Verdi estate – Bologna

The second part of Original Cultures’ 2012 showcase looks at hip hop’s unique cultural and musical vision, something which has always inspired and been a part of Original Cultures’ own work.

With Beat Two we tried to exemplify this idea by inviting famed Italian rapper KAOS, someone dedicated to the culture since day one, alongside his DJ Craim, one of Italy’s best. Alongside this we’ve invited one of Italy’s most interesting new producers, Digi G’Alession, someone who blends hip hop, electronica, dub and skwee into a delirious melting pot.

21,00 – Digi G’Alession + Kaos and DJ Craim LIVE


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