Finally after a year’s wait the documentary of Original Cultures’ 2010 production, From Inner Space, is ready. Filmed and directed by Undervilla Productions, this documentary tells the story of From Inner Space through interviews with the artists – Katzuma, Nico Menci, Blanda, Danilo Mineo and Opificio Ciclope – and footage of the whole week, including rehearsals and the live show. The documentary also features Katzuma in his home studio discussing the production of the show and a selection of the visual work Opificio Ciclope produced for the show alongside an insight into how and why it was done.

You can stream the documentary above. It’s 16 minutes long which is probably more than what most peope are used to these days on the internet but we hope you’ll take the time to sit down and watch it through as it’s a really great summary of all the work that went into the production and its output. The video is in Italian with English subtitles.

For more information on From Inner Space, details of what went down daily and more photos and videos visit the From Inner Space archive page.

Massive thanks of course to Undervilla for their work and patience as well as to all the artists and crew of From Inner Space without whom none of this would have been possible. And stay tuned for the documentary of our 2011 production which should hopefully drop in Autumn!

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