Valerio Evangelisti was born in Bologna in 1952. After having published five volumes and forty or so essays and stories he dedicated himself entirely to writing. In 1994 his first novel was published, Nicolas Eymerich, Inquisitor, which won the Premio Urania prize. This was followed by Le Catene di Eymerich in 1995, Il Corpo e Il Sangue di Eymerich in 1996, Il Mistero dell’Inquisitore Eymerich in 1996, Cherudek in 1997, Picatrix la scala per l’Inferno in 1998 and Il Castello di Eymerich in 2001, all published by Mondadori. The anthology Metallo Urlante in 1998 and the novel Black Flag in 2002 were published by Einaudi.

In 1999 Magus was released in three volumes, once more through Mondadori. The Novel of Nostradamus was translated in nine languages and across three continents. In 2000 L’Ancora del Mediteraneo published the collected essays Alla Periferia di Alphaville.

Currently after having won the 200 Prix Italia for radiophonic fiction, Valerio writes scripts for radio, cinema, television and comics. He was part of the official delegation of Italian writers at the Salon du Livre in Paris in 2001. He’s directed for a decade the program Progetto Memoria – Rivista di Storia dell’antagonismo sociale. Today he is the editorial director of Carmilla, a publication dedicated to fantastic stories and political critique. He also contributes to the French publication Le Monde Diplomatique and is president of Archivio Storico della Nuova Sinistra Marco Pezzi of Bologna.

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