As we get closer to the final day – tomorrow – things get more hectic. Yesterday, which day 4, today and tomorrow are only going to get more and more intense. As such there isn’t really a proper blog for yesterday as I only spent a few hours with the guys in the music workshops before heading to the Bartleby where we hosted a preview of this year’s show alongside the premiere of the documentary of last year’s production, From Inner Space.

The tracklist has been finalised, luckily, and the five musicians are busy with tightening up the various necessary transitions, solos and other key parts. Transitions are definitely going to be tricky as they’re not only needed for Fabio to change Ableton sessions between tracks but also for Pietro Babina to have cues (in the form of a recognisable audio snippet) that can be used to let the visual artists know what is going on. How it all unfolds and works is still not 100% decided, and I’m curious to see if it will work as he, and we, imagine.

The premiere of last year’s documentary went well, it’ll be online shortly for all to see. The Bartleby were great hosts – as well as amazing caterers, having fed us every day so far – and it was nice to see some familiar faces from the previous years. As for the visual artists it’s still pretty much full on for them to finish all their work on time as well as for the set up of the space which already started yesterday and won’t finish until at least lunchtime tomorrow. On top of that there’s a chance of rain tonight…

I’ll leave you for today (or yesterday really) with a new promo trailer from our friends at Opificio Ciclope, which you can view above, and a series of photos from Luca Sgamellotti, our official photographer, below.

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Full programme details for the week are here.

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