Original Cultures 2011
The Formula – From Words to Sounds

The Prequel
When: Tuesday June 23th from 7pm
Where: Bartleby, Via San Petronio Vecchio 30/a, Bologna

Bartleby hosts Original Cultures

• Intrduction to Original Cultures 2011
• Premiere of the documentary ‘From Inner Space – Original Cultures 2010’ screening. Produced by Undervilla
feat. Katzuma and The Expanding Disco Machine and Opificio Ciclope
• Apperitif with DJs Arousal (Error Broadcast) and Kper (UK / Original Cultures – Rhythm Incursions)

The Formula – From Words to Sounds
When: Saturday June 25th from 7pm
Where: Arena Orfeonica, Via Broccaindosso 50, Bologna

• 19h: Opening and apperitif with Kper (UK / Original Cultures – Rhythm Incursions)
• 21h: Architeq (UK) Solo Showcase
• 22h: The Formula – From Words To Sounds Live

Afterparty at Vicolo Bolognetti
• h 24: Dj Lelli Superfunk Experience

Original Cultures returns to Bologna once more with a brand new show for 2011 following from the success of the 2010 edition, From Inner Space, which was recently showcased at the Eurocultured Festival in Manchester.

Continuing to expand and develop on the project’s core aims of fostering cultural and artistic exchange, creating unique ‘laboratory’ environments for artists to create in and re-appropriating and transforming public spaces, Original Cultures has put together a new show titled The Formula: From Words to Sounds. This show also introduces new modern art strains to the Original Cultures ‘mix’ via the use of a narrative as the foundation for the show and the introduction of a director for the show.

The Formula

First and foremost, The Formula aims to enrich the artistic scope of the Original Cultures project by adding a narrative dimension to the sound and visual ones with which we’ve worked for the last 3 years. The Formula starts with ‘Corporal Fluidity‘, a story written by Valerio Evangelisti for the occasion. The entire audio and visual production for the show will be based on the story. By using this story as the focal point for this year’s edition of Original Cultures the show aims to have a common focus in the production of both audio and visual elements, something that has been attempted in previous editions of Original Cultures through more improvised means.

The Artists

The musical part of the show is composed this year of B.Kun, producer and multi-instrumentalist who won the IDA World Championships in 2010, Hed, drummer for the band Sound Inc., Mannaman, bass player for the famous Casione Royale band, and Danilo Mineo, percussionist for Voodoo Sound Club and Mop Mop as well as a participant of Original Cultures’ From Innner Space show in 2010. This quartet of musicians will put together and perform the music for the show and will be joined by a fifth member, Architeq from the UK, who will act as dubmaster controlling and mutating the performance live.

The visual element of The Formula will be handled by David Loom with video projections and light installations alongside the MEAT Collective who will work on the graphic elements of the show, including illustrations and lettering art – visual disciplines which are best suited to the interpretation of a written narrative and world birthed in letters, which is in many ways the focus of this edition.

Last but not least is Pietro Babina who will act as director, pulling together all the art strains and disciplines Original Cultures have brought together for The Formula.

For more information on all these artists please visit the 2011 Artists section where you’ll find detailed bios and links.

The show

As always with Original Cultures, The Formula will take place over the space of a week. During that time the artists, visual, musicians and the director, will work together in a workshop setting to create the final live show which will take place on Saturday June 25. Ahead of this week of workshops, ideas will already be laid out and prepared so that all artists can focus on creating a final version of the show where these ideas are further refined and expanded upon. These workshops will once more take place in the Teatro San Leonardo, a space Original Cultures has used for this purpose since its inception in 2009.

The final show will this year be held in the green space of the Arena Orfeonica gardens, in Via Broccaindosso, Bologna.

In addition there will be a preview aperitif for the show on Thursday June 23 at the new Bartleby space in Bologna where the public will be able to meet the artists and be introduced to this year’s show and concept in more detail. On the night Original Cultures will also premiere the documentary of From Inner Space, shot by Undervilla Productions.

Following the final show on Saturday June 25 an afterparty will also take place at the Vicolo Bolognetti, which was home to last year’s From Inner Space show.

You can find more details on both public events on our Facebook event pages:
Original Cultures The Formula Preview – Facebook event page
Original Cultures The Forumla Live Show – Facebook event page

Original Cultures The Formula is produced with the kind support of Bologna City’s Cultural sector and takes place as part of the 2011 Bologna Summer programme. Please visit our Sponsors & Partners page for full details of all supporting bodies.

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