Edoardo Amati was born in Novafeltria, August 1st 1985. He began to play drums in 2000, the same year in which he started to take lessons at the Centro Comunale di Novafeltria where he learnt the basics of sheet reading which he then used as the basis for his self-taught style.

After having playing in various musical formations, primarily rock, in 2007 he founded alongside Francesco Pignatelli and Marco Simoni the project John, Hed & Nik, which combines elements of hip hop, jazz and funk.

In 2009 he produced, alongside John and Nik, the first release It’s All About Making Notes, starting in the process his collaboration with B.Kun which continues to this day. He’s played his music at various events including the Smiaf di San Marino, Artisti in Piazza di Pennabilli, Chieti in Strada and the Sarajevo Festival.

In 2010 he solidified his work with B.Kun by starting the project Sound Inc. In October of the same year he recorded and took part in the video for the single Color Refresh.

Hed online:

Original Cultures The Formula trailer 2

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