Gelatauro. Granite this time.


Katzuma and Blanda are going over the tricky song from yesterday, covering his entrance points, before Nico and the rest of the band arrives. Luca is showing me the photos from yesterday’s trip to the school, some amazing shots that manage to capture the surreal element of what we did.


Just realised Meros plays with Faze Liquide. It is a small world. Scratching comes up again. This is hilarious. Out to those that know, Meros played during ‘that’ Gunkhole gig 5 years ago. Somehow, someway with Cris we always end up with that link back to the scratch days. Which isn’t surprising in a way but never ceases to make me smile.


Katzuma is carefully going over all the transitions and intros with the band so everyone knows how the set has evolved. It’s funny, a five piece band essentially rehearsing to mimic the transitional elements of a DJ set. Old and new together, again.

High Voltage rock n roll. A song name is born. Meros and Blanda head bang together.

Synergy is growing. Everyone’s bopping to the beat. Katzuma and Nico are going through the parts as the rhythm track plays in the back. That Rhodes kills it. Everyone’s in agreement.

Bob Moog is speaking. Makes a lot of sense with the visuals we saw last night. Katzuma is using parts of Bob Moog’s speeches about the synthesizer to join certain tracks instead of mixing them together. Deep.


Grunts and congas on Danilo’s solo. Driving.

Transition with Moog talking about where the sound comes from. Beautiful.

The set is sounding so much bigger than day 1, all the elements were there before but now they all work together the way Katzuma and the band need them to. Refining over the course of four days they seem to have reached the perfect mix.

Blanda about to bust the Korg solo out again. Legend.

Sitting here with them recording everyday I can now spot the entrance points and other queues. It’s such a great creative process to be a part of especially after the first two shows being much more improvised.


Gastone smacking the cow bell. Sick.

The set is really coming together in an insane way. Katzuma wanted three hours of focus tonight and I think he’ll easily have them. After one hour they’re on absolute fire.

Nico, Katzuma and Blanda discussing the merits of the Korg and the Moog keyboards. It’s all about the sound.


There’s a Meros flute solo on Dougswana I haven’t heard yet. Lush. The rhythm track underneath it is nuts.


The band have run through the entire set once with next to no problems. Sounds dope. Everyone is happy with the parts. Blanda’s off to his gig.

Spent time during this last rehearsal sorting out various logistical details for tomorrow with Yass, Ale and Cris and talking about Bologna’s creative history with Opificio Ciclope. In a way for me it feels like with Original Cultures we can at least show once more to the rest of the world that Bologna still has a creative core that is as pioneering as it was in its heydays. It’s a city with such a rich history of creativity it feels like we wouldn’t have been able to birth the project anywhere else or even continue to grow it the way we have anywhere else.


Katzuma jamming on the keys over some beats I’m playing and preparing for tomorrow’s DJ set. The man is seriously talented.


Another killer dinner from Lisa. Much discussion under a bright and clear night sky. Full again. End.


Actually not entirely the end. Ale and Yass have already cleared the rehearsal stage ahead of tomorrow’s move to the main stage. And then they’re joining Opificio once more for another late night school run to test the projections. We’ve gone home and I’m sitting here nearly falling asleep trying to finish the video edits in time for the morning. Tomorrow’s the day and there is a lot to do.

Original Cultures ‘From Inner Space’ is Friday July 9 at Vicolo Bolognetti. Full details here.

Videos from the week’s work can be viewed here.

Photos from the week’s work can be viewed here.

And daily photo blogging on our Tumblr here.

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