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We’ve got bass. But no internet. Looks like we forgot to reactivate the key. Today we’re trying to do some separate recordings of the various instruments too. And I’ve had to take codeine for my fractured wrist. We’re officially floating.

Managed to get some roaming internet in the end, whoo hoo. The music sounds bigger thanks to the new system, and the guys are dipping straight in tightening the tracks and finding the missing elements. Before starting Cris and I went into town to do some flyering and put some posters. Think we might have lost a kilo in sweat in the process.

It’s on the three. Talks of cutting the parts or making them longer based on how everyone is feeling it. They start playing parts to each other to see if the ideas would work. And then it’s decided to try the track again.

Katzuma is explaining the changes he’s made to the track since yesterday and talking to everyone about their parts and the timings. It’s quite funny being in the middle of this after watching the Dilla Timeless documentary that Mochilla recently put out. Deda’s a different version of what Atwood-Ferguson does in that, on a much smaller case and inside another musical style but with the same vision and passion. Directing takes a lot.

It’s quite funny that we would be doing this with a bunch of local musicians. They’re about as local as you get and yet they’re happily taking part in something that is based on a global idea. And they’re old school too, they do this first and foremost because they love it and you can see it on their faces. It seems quite fitting somehow.

Nico Menci on a Moog solo. Funky as hell. The mix of instruments and sounds is really quite good, everything compliments everything else really well and Katzuma has constructed the tracks to really fit the genres he’s exploring without being too obvious.

Japanese break. Tracks are sounding good at this mid way point. Quick dinner under the summer night sky and they’ll no doubt sound even better. Katzuma’s using the iPhone a lot more today and he’s being a lot more gesticulative. That beat is ridiculous.

Lisa’s back and so is the home cooked dinner, bringing back memories of last year’s nights under the stars in the courtyard next door. That old and new thing I was on about yesterday, I just remembered it also works with the building. Teatro San Leonardo is 400 years old, and is hosting a project born 2 years ago that will hopefully live on for quite a few years.

Meros is singing. Jokes.

Somehow Katzuma has really managed to blend the DJ/producer element of some of the music he’s dealing with, with the organic element that only a group of live musicians can bring. Flashbacks to headier days for some might well be on the menu on Friday night. With an Italo twist of course.

Blanda has brought out the other Moog that was sitting idle yesterday. He sat it next to the Micro Korg and is jamming in his summer burmudas. He looks so rock and roll. I love it.

Dinner was wicked, so many flashbacks to last year. The good weather, food, and people are an incredible mix and bring out the best in everyone and everything. Katzuma and Meros were chatting about everything from Kratfwerk to Easy Star All Stars via bits of politics before we had a lengthy discussion on the merits of France with Meros. The irony. Even without the international element we’re still bringing people together, and it’s still thanks to other cultures and objectives shared by people willing to be a part of something bigger, and slightly unknown. Like Jim Om Unit said last year it’s still very much a love thing.

We’re waiting for Blanda. Katzuma is making swooshing micro Korg wave sounds. And we go again. Big Sound.

Ten minutes later, six heads bopping to the rhythm. Plus mine on the side. Track ends and is proclaimed to be ‘Figissimo’.

There’s talk of steel drums in this piece now.

Hands in the air time. And another killer drum track, driving as nothing.

Danileo is rotating a plastic tube mad fast for swooshing effects. It’s like he’s got a treasure trove of weird and wonderful percussion hidden behind him. It’s amazing to see. Everytime I look up he’s got something else in his hands.

They reach the end of rehearsals an hour early. But there are some holes in the tracks. Also I’ve clocked it, Blanda is in a trance when he plays bass. Fascinating to watch. If a little scary at times.

Gastone banging his percussion and smiling.

It’s only day 2 and already five people have found their way into the venue to listen to the rehearsals and cheer the band on. I wonder how much we can multiply that number by between now and Friday night. At the end they all promise to return on Friday and bring as many people as they can.

The whole show already sounds a lot tighter despite the holes. They’re filling them faster than the Japanese government would.

I’ve just realised Katzuma has beatmaker on the iPhone connected to the system and was using it today to fill in backing drum tracks.

Twenty to midnight. Wondering if they gonna call it a day or rope in one more. Looks like they’re calling it a day.

Press conference tomorrow. Ugh. For now bed.

Photos of the first two days of workshops here, and blog about the visual arts here. Live blogging and photos going down on our Tumblr here.

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