Original Cultures returns to Bologna this year. And this time the scope of the project is to give shape to a show that creates a synergy between sound and images, uniting the works of musicians and visual artists.

In this new edition alongside Katzuma and his Expanding Disco Machine providing the music, Opificio Ciclope are looking after the visual side of things.

The first bit of work for the collective of video producers was to create the trailer for the event in which the traditional landscape of Bologna, with its hills and red rooftops, is taken over by invaders who take to the sky and some of the city’s most emblematic buildings all the while an old man watches them.

Creatures that evoke the world of videogames from the 70s and 80s and who bring an entertaining dimension to a routine reality that for many has become normal.

In line with the name of this year’s production, ‘From Inner Space’, the work’s central theme is the manipulation and reinterpretation of the city’s urban space, with buildings and streets interacting with spaceships, cosmonauts and missiles in a series of slides and stills that unite the real with the virtual.

Throughout the live show, and outside of it, the video work produced exclusively for the event will be shown across three huge screens. An invasion of Bologna ‘from above’, the city will be reinterpreted as a space dominated by virtual beings symbolic of a creativity that will ultimately aim to reappropriate the urban space.

By Giorgia Soncin.

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