The third edition of Original Culture, ‘From Inner Space’, has ended beautifully in an evening that wasn’t even too hot considering the heatwave that hit the city in the preceding days.

The work of all the artists, musicians and video producers, of all the Original Cultures crew was visibly appreciated by a varied public taken on an ‘interplanetary trip’ through music and visuals. On stage the sound of Katzuma and his Expanding Disco Machine created an atmosphere that held the crowd’s every attention, moving from house to funk, afro to disco with a distinct spacial and cosmic element that came from locations far away, lost in time yet still relevant to today’s culture and musical affinities. And that’s where the artists’ wish to explore ‘Inner Space’ took real form, a space hidden inside each of us yet also a physical space that allowed the birth of the sounds that made this live show possible.

While Katzuma took first to Teatro San Leonardo and then Vicolo Bolognetti with the music, Opificio Ciclope also invaded Bologna and its streets, its historical monuments and more recent buildings with the visuals for the show, bringing it all back to the venue on the last day. From buildings seemingly more austere, such as churches and cathedrals, to the more modern constructions of the city’s first periphery. A city ready to take off and be launched into space, in which palaces transformed themselves into spaceships and missiles ready to go. That’s how Opificio Ciclope’s work managed to give the impression that this mutation of the city and its surroundings was happening in real time, as the tracks evolved and progressed on stage and as if the city itself was changing beyond the space of the courtyard that was hosting the night.

Over a surface of thirty meters in length, a caroussel of images ‘from a new city’ flickered throughout the show. A city transformed into a space base, ready to be reimagined as a city different to the one its inhabitants know and have been used to since birth, a city with locations which most likely they had never noticed or stopped paying attention to. The whole thing evolved in front of our eyes, adding elements to the urban body of the city and making it ready for launch.

And that’s how with Original Cultures every neighbourhood, and with it every inhabitants, assumed a new identity and got ready for an interplanetary trip which won’t end after this third edition but will continue to go in search of new galaxies and new worlds to explore.

By Giorgia Soncin.

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