The Expanding Disco Machine is a band put together by Katzuma and Original Cultures for the 2010 production From Inner Space.

Assembled from local session musicians from Bologna, the band debuted in July 2010 at the From Inner Space live show – the culmination of a month’s preparation and a week’s rehearsals. The band was put together in order to perform a live rendition of a Katzuma DJ set, taking the normal approach of modern producers sampling live musicians and flipping it around so that live musicians would have to play an entire set as if they were emulating productions.

The first show was a great success and the band was invited to showcase their unique show once more in May 2011 at the Eurocultured festival in Manchester, England.

Their blend of disco, funk and house is a recipe for dancefloor success.

The Expanding Disco Machine is led by Katzuma and features Nico Menci on keys, Blanda on bass, Danilo Mineo on percussion, Alessandro Meroli on flute, and Gastone Casoto on congas.

Original Cultures From Inner Space documentary

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