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Original Cultures returns to Bologna one year after our debut in our Italian hometown. Thanks to support from the City of Bologna we have put together a showcase called ‘From Inner Space’ which differs from our first two major events but follows the same ethos to connect cultures through modern performing arts and allow artists to develop and grow their artistic practice while showcasing unique material to the public.

Original Cultures Bologna 2010 will be a smaller affair, with music and visual arts produced and directed by two collective of artists from Bologna – Katzuma and Opificio Ciclope. While originally from Bologna these two collectives have become famous around Italy and elsewhere and this show represents a major return to their city for the first time in a few years with a unique collaboration. This is the first time the two have collaborated together and they have been commissioned by Original Cultures to produce ‘From Inner Space’ and to mark their return on homeground.

While Original Cultures ‘From Inner Space’ does not have the same international scope of the previous events, the event will follow a similar programme as the previous ones with the artists collaborating together in workshops for four days before showcasing the results on July 09, 2010 to the public. In addition everything happening during the week will be documented and released on the internet in video, audio and written formats. Additional documentation and spin-off projects will be announced shortly.

Here’s the official information and you can find out more about the artists involved in our Artists section.

Original Cultures – From Inner Space
Music by Katzuma and the Expanding Disco Machine
Visuals by Opificio Ciclope

Bologna 9 July, 2010 @ Chiostro di Vicolo Bolognetti

On July 9, 2010 Original Cultures returns to Bologna for the third edition of the project. Original Cultures Bologna 2010, nicknamed ‘From Inner Space’, will be an audio-visual showcase featuring a cast of local artists from Bologna that focuses on and explores new collaborative and artistic avenues from those touched on in previous installments of the project. The artistic fields of music and the visual arts are still at the heart of this new installment.

Directing and masterminding the musical element of ‘From Inner Space’ will be Deda aka Katzuma, one of the most original producers in the Italian hip hop scene. Known as a pioneer of Italian Hip Hop (with Isola Posse All Star and Sangue Misto) he has since moved on to focus on modern funk and its many derivatives.

Original Cultures offered Katzuma the opportunity to produce the music for ‘From Inner Space’ based on an idea to reinterpret the evolution of black music from the funk of the 70s to the first electronic mutations of the 80s, focusing on the party and energetic elements of this musical evolution.

The result will be a unique musical production by Katzuma for Original Cultures which will take the shape of a showcase on July 9 featuring a musical collective of musicians nicknamed the Expanding Disco Machine for the occasion. In the four days prior to the showcase Deda and the musicians will be locked in rehearsals in the Teatro San Leonardo, the same space which hosted Original Cultures’ first event and artistic collaboration in June 2009.

‘From Inner Space’ aims to present a production that shines a light on and reinvents the host venue. Having chosen to host this year’s event in an open-air venue has made the option of using video as the primary visual art medium a logical one, allowing us to give the venue a unique character but also use the work from the visual artists to promote the event via TV spots and online trailers.

With this in mind Original Cultures invited the video collective Opificio Ciclope to take care of the visual element of ‘From Inner Space’ and join Katzuma in the Teatro San Leonardo during the four days of rehearsals, and on stage for the showcase.

Spaces and interaction
With the success of our previous event in Bologna we have been able to once more secure the use of the Teatro San Leonardo for the rehearsals which will take place in the four days prior to the showcase.
The Chiostro del Vicolo Bolognetti will be the host venue for the public showcase, a new venue which we fully intend to use in the same way as we did Spazio Si in 2009.

Original Cultures ‘From Inner Space’ is made possible thanks to the support of the City of Bologna.

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