Who is Katzuma? There is nothing about it until 2005. Some people maintain that behind the name is a producer, maybe even a group of producers and DJs, funk/disco from the late 70s and early 80s. There is nothing to confirm these rumours other than the sound of Katzuma which is definitely funk/disco.

Others however maintain that behind the name is one of the most important figures in Italian hip hop. These people in fact maintain that Katzuma is Deda, producer and MC for Isola Posse All Stars, involved in Sangue Misto, Neffa and the Melma & Merda project, a man who made his mark on Italian hip hop like few others. Yet even these rumours, which are more frequent and make more sense are unconfirmed.

Katzuma’s first appearance was in 2005. In that year the album ‘Moon Booty’ is released, an album soaked in funk with a heavy disco slant. If it wasn’t for the date on the release you’d easily think it was something that had gathered dust in the corner of a record shop for the last 30 years.

Katzuma remains in the shadows, away from the lights and stardom which burns celebrities in just a few weeks. At the same time he has made more frequent appearances as a DJ, with his passion for music and the dancefloor fast making him one of the most requested and appreciated funk/disco/house DJs in Italy.

In 2007 for the project ‘Gli Originali’, Katzuma was invited to collaborate with maestro Franco Micalizzi, a man synonymous with cop movie soundtracks and orchestral jazz funk from the 70s. ‘Gli Originali’ was a successful event, held in Milan and Rome and released as a DVD documentary. It brought together Micalizzi with the cream of Italian hip hop under the direction of Katzuma.

A few more years of silence, but in fact years of intense and precise production work, bring us to 2008 when Katzuma released ‘Rituals of Life’ an album which confirms his talent in producing and love of funk and disco sounds. It’s a work of love with rigorous arrangements, instruments and singers.

The success of ‘Rituals of Life’ brought Katzuma outside of Italy, throughout Europe and even to Japan and America. His first album is republished with a bonus track due to demand. At the same time TV and marketing people discover his music and begin to license it for adverts and series.

Continuing his busy DJ schedule, Katzuma follows another 2 years of silence with a return in 2010 with ‘Dr. Know’, first single from the EP of the same name released on vinyl and digital. The single was launched with a video filmed by Undervilla. ‘Dr. Know’ is the perfect visual incarnation of Katzuma’s new work which continues to blend production with instruments and singers. Katzuma loves dance music and ‘Dr. Know’ is his proof of it.

For the CD release of ‘Dr. Know’ Katzuma asked the disco guru Al Kent, from Million Dollar Disco, to master the release. Included in there are also four remixes from E-The-Hot, Reset!, ScuolaFurano, Blatta & Inesha. Katzuma looks to the future… The next step is an involvement with Original Cultures for a unique showcase.

Deda online:

Original Cultures From Inner Space documentary

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