day 4

It’s funny how fast time goes during these weeks – it’s as if it was only yesterday I was thinking we still had 3 days ahead of us. In reality we’re as close as it’s going to get with the show in less than 24 hours and pressure and excitement are competing and keeping me going.

All the workshops technically ended today, though as with Bologna last year while the musicians have wrapped up more or less ‘on time’ and kept a degree of freestyle/improvisation for the show tomorrow the visual artists went back to the studio after dinner tonight and will most likely still be working tomorrow when we’re trying to get them to the venue to set up.

And like last year even though they’re all pretty tired, they keep finding the energy to work together and just create – from their work for tomorrow, to colouring in exclusive prints for our exhibition closing party and painting in the freezing cold for 3 hours outside the gallery. Both DEM and Will mentioned it tonight – even though they feel exhausted they’re still excited to see the result of their work and wish they had more time to work on it.

The closing party was a nice way to unwind a bit ahead of tomorrow as well. While it did definitely add to the visual artists’ load, like last year it meant we were all together relaxing after a long week worth of work. To top it up new friends have arrived from London, Italy but also from Belgium – big up Lisa, Luca, Davide, Brian, Beatnick and Alex from On Point. Big thanks also to Charlie Whatley for his photos (online soon) and to Stolen Space for being amazing hosts (big up Beth).

The day ended at Song Que up the road, the baddest Vietnamese in Little Hanoi for those who like a good Pho. With new friends in town it was the perfect end to the day.

See you tomorrow!

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