Day 3

Improvisation is the name of the game, not just for the artists who start from improvised ideas and develop them into a full show in the space of a few days but also for us at the level of organisation.

Even the best laid plans require a degree of flexibility and this time round even more so than the first event last year. From transport to catering, technical supplies to venue logistics the plans have changed daily and sometimes even hourly. Flexibility is not always easy though but as long as you are able to keep a cool head it’s never that much of a problem. A cool head isn’t always a given though, and I’m the first to sometimes be a little too emotional. Still you live and learn and I have definitely learnt a lot in the last 4 days especially with regards to being flexible and rebounding fast and quickly rather than getting caught up in the fact of things not going according to plan.

I spent most of the day with the visual artists as the musicians had to take a day off due to work duties, and that’s been rather insightful. Last year I never saw inside their world, never stepped foot into their workshops and to be able to do it this time has only given me more respect and appreciation for their art but also for who they are as people. I feel privileged to be privy to what they do but also to have become friends with them over the last year. Coming from the world of music, the visual side of our project has been a constant learning curve for me and one I’ve greatly enjoyed.

The way we are managing to combine two art strands and sets of artists never ceases to amaze me and further proves the power of creativity in uniting people and bringing them together outside of their comfort zones.

I’ll leave you with a video feature The Freak Show shot for the opening of our exhibition a few weeks ago. Come down tomorrow night to see the closing party which will feature some small scale live painting from our guys alongside the usual free drinks and merryment. And then be sure to come down on Friday for the final show. Without hinting at what will be there too much I can definitely say it will blow a few minds I think. We’ve stuck to our words – what people will get is something they’ve never seen.

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