The picture above sums up the day quite well in a way. Like I said yesterday I’ve realised quickly and harshly that getting ten/fifteen people travelling around London without problems isn’t really easy and doing it by public transport only makes it more of a headache. Still though it’s part of the fun and I’m enjoying it in a twisted way. The timing could have been better though, with the end of the tax year in sight there’s more roadworks in town than ever. You can’t even walk straight down the road anymore let alone take a bus.

While we managed to get a lot of people to give some of their time and skills for our project we’ve also suffered from a bout of bad timing with a lot of the people who had offered their time having to reduce it or cancel due to last minute work duties. That’s what happened with our film guy, an old friend of mine from uni, who unfortunately can’t be with us during the day as originally planned. However this has had a plus side in that we’re now relying much more on handheld cam footage filmed by ourselves, the organisers. Due to this I took some time yesterday after dropping by the visual workshops in Dalston to film the market which was in full swing at lunchtime and basking in the spring sunshine. I came back 5 hours later to film it at dusk again when it takes on an air of ghost town. I can’t wait to see how the footage came out and more importantly how we piece everything together for the documentary. The idea is to bring together footage shot on different cameras, with different ‘textures’ and quality but also shot from different points of view. I really think we could end up with something interesting.

Filming around yesterday also made me realise just how much the location makes the event. While I’m a typical Londoner who likes to moan and groan about the hassles of life in the big city, I do love this place and looking at it through the lens of a camera is a great way to make you realise just how amazing a place it is. All the little things that you take for granted or ignore become fascinating again, part of the make up of the city.

Apart from that yesterday continued to prove that to pull off something like this you definitely patience and strong nerves, two things I’m not always good at. One hour things are smooth, the next they’re about to fall apart and the next they go back to being smooth. I guess it’s best not to do this if you’re a little weak of heart. The rush keeps you going though, no doubt.

We spent most of the afternoon masterminding the layout of the venue to accommodate what the artists need now that we have a clear idea of what they are doing. This is especially true for the visual artists whose work is in many ways the most involving at a logistics and planning level. At least with the musicians we know that it’s just a case of making sit together nicely and making them sound good – though of course now that I’ve said that…

That’s also where being in 4 at the organisation level makes a difference – we can each bring our own experience and knowledge to the table to circumvene any problems that arise or even just to bash heads and come up with a solution to what at first appears to be a big problem. It’s been hard enough preparing everything mainly by myself, but there’s no way I could pull off the even without the guys.

As day 3 starts and I’m writing this up I am really starting to get excited about the show on Friday. I can’t wait to see it for myself but also see people’s reactions. After Bologna last year I know that we can make a big impression, and I love that.

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