Dinner day 1

And so it starts again. The second original cultures event. We’ve swapped the heat of summer and the historic streets and old buildings of Bologna for the less scenic streets, though still inspiring in their own ways, of a rainy London in early spring. That’s the beauty of this project, being able to transport the idea around different cities and see just how it changes and takes on a different form based on the location.

Our six artists have returned alongside a seventh, the Japanese visual artist Hiraki Sawa. The guys all met together for the first time since last June last night and already the creative juices are flowing. This morning they are setting up in their workshops in East and North london. They’ll come out in four days with a one hour show. What shape it takes is still anyone’s guess at this point. Edit: by the time I’m posting this we already have an idea of the shape, but I won’t give it up just yet. Stick around for the week via the various social sites (and here) and you can get an idea for yourself – see below for links of where to see things as they happen (more or less). And if you can be sure to come see the final result Friday evening in Brick Lane.

With the Italian contigent playing the guests this time I’m already seeing the same cultural exchange and learning that made our first event so special. From the weather to the food, transport and people they are learning just how different a city and place London can be. And seeing just how this impacts them and what they do is definitely one of the best things to come out of this project.

For me personally it’s a much bigger challenge this time round as I’m having to look after and organise movements and the such for 10-15 people for a week. Anyone who lives in London knows just how difficult that can be. Thankfully bologna 09 served as a good preparation and once more we’re seeing the same supportive spirit where everyone is helping out and people are giving us their time and help to ensure the event runs as smoothly and professionally as possible. Shouts to Mauritz and Erwan for the rehearsal space and help, proving this point once more.

I was speaking to Word to Mother last night, a visual artist and friend of our visual artists and our host Stolen Space. It was interesting and rewarding to hear him relate to the idea behind Original Cultures and the need for a structure behind artists so that they do retain a degree of control but can also focus on what they do best.

All in all it’s been a good day and it’s all just started. More caffeine and more coffee and then some sleep. Oh yeah and big up to the waiters at Somine’s for being good hosts even though they wouldn’t go lower on the discount. Anyone looking for a good, honest Turkish meal in Dalston needs to check them.

Follow us around for the week (and after) as we go along at the following spots:
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