So after having yesterday off to do something people call a job (I call it hanging out with teenagers and making beats/talking about life) we got together to round off the writing and rehearsals, after a banging Turkish breakfast at Olive’s in Hornsey which brought back memories of being 24, fancy free and probably quite hungover.

So we went through the tracks as per usual – tweaked a bit here and there.The end of the day left me with a feeling we’re gonna freestyle it a bit, but in a good way – its not so static that we have to do everything cleanly and routinely, the music will make itself on the night and I look forward to hearing how it goes on the recording.

Today I also finally managed to get hold of a real Roland 606 (see 1st blog) – it doesn’t work… yet.

Also we had the closing party for the Original Cultures exhibition at Stolen Space – I have to give it up for Beatnick for coming through with plenty of musings on all things music as usual! Once again Charlie Whatley on photo duties doing the humble work and to Ericailcane, DEM and Will for taking time out to do the boards for Stolen Space out in the freezing cold.

See you tomorrow at the show!

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