Photo by Charlie Whatley.

So after recovering from my 30th birthday party on Saturday night, I awoke early doors this morning to head up to North London to get to the rehearsal rooms for O.C London.

As it turned out the rehearsal space was really a communal space in a converted musician live/work space – complete with sleeping roadie and disgruntled bass player on his 1 day off from touring and who didn’t know of our arrival or arrangements for the week.

So we set up and after some time began writing for the show, I wanted to see if we would connect in the same way as we did in Bologne last year, and in fact we did. Once again the ideas flowed very quickly and we came up with some basic ideas. 6 tracks in total already with working titles including ‘Skid Row’ and ‘Wasabi’.

I have once again opted to use Ableton live as the working platform, this time with the launchpad – within live I am utilising 303 and 606 emulators and a Minimoog emulator (I am not rich enough to buy the real thing!)

The bass player (Dave Delgado) cheered up and decided to come jam with us and even filmed some of the action – he let us sample some licks to use for a potential slow disco piece. The power of music once again bringing people together. peace, unity love and above all… having fun!

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