Visual workshop

Finally we’re very proud to bring you the first (of two) short edit of the exclusive animation created by the trio of visual artists we invited to Bologna in June this year.

Together these three artists, namely Ericailcane and DEM from Italy and Will Barras from the UK, created an animation to accompany the music that was being written at the same time by the three musicians we’d also invited – Om Unit (UK), Tatsuki (JP) and Tayone (IT). Bear in mind that while these six artists worked in the same period of time (4 consecutive days) and in the same city, they didn’t work together as such and never saw the final result of each other’s work until the last day when everything was brought together for the final showcase. No one knew what it would look and sound like together until the show started.

Originally silent, we’ve made short edits of the animation synced with music from the live show to give everyone a chance to see some of the incredible stuff the guys came up with. You can also view this Flickr album for more behind the scenes look at how the guys created the animation and the rest of the visual show they put together.

You can stream it below.

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