Everything has to start somewhere, and Original Cultures will make its official debut in June 2009 with a pilot event spread over 4 days and held in Bologna, Italy. The pilot will feature artists from the UK, Italy and Japan and a number of select activities from Original Cultures’ own Cultural Exchange Program (CEP).

Pilot – Artists

  • Om Unit, UK, musician / audio artist
  • Tatsuki, Japan, musician / audio artist
  • Dem, Italy, visual artist
  • Erica Il Cane, Italy, visual artist
  • Tayone, Italy, musician / audio artist
  • Will Barras, UK, visual artist

Pilot – Key Points
Location – Bologna, Italy.

Venues – SPAZIO SI + TEATRO SAN LEONARDO, via San Vitale 67, Bologna / ARENA ORFEONICA, via Broccaindosso 48, Bologna / LIBRERIA MODO INFO SHOP via Mascarella,24 Bologna

Organizers – Original Cultures (UK), Associazione Culturale “ORIGINAL CULTURES” (IT)

Collaborating entities – Bologna City Council (IT), Compagnia teatrale “Teatrino Clandestino” (IT), Libreria “Modo Info Shop” (IT), Accademia di Belle Arti Bologna (IT, TBC), DAMS (IT, TBC), Ass. “Arena Orfeonica” (IT), Samurai FM (UK, Japan), SRK (UK, TBC), Hear Japan (Japan, TBC) Paper Resistance (IT), Vinilificio (IT), T-Turn (IT), Spin Science (UK), Rhythm Incursions (UK), Turntable Radio (UK)

Media Partners – Radio Città del Capo (IT), Superfly Magazine (IT), (IT), (UK), Samurai FM (UK, Japan), Rhythm Incursions (UK), More TBA

Dates – 3-6 June 2009

Activities – Workshops, seminar, live showcase, remix project, documentation

Duration (activities) – 3 days for workshops, 1 day for seminar, 1 day for live showcase. Remix project and documentation take place before, during and after the pilot

Performing Artists – 1 UK musician, 1 UK visual artist, 1 Italian musician, 2 Italian visual artists, 1 Japanese musician

Wednesday 03/06/09 + Thursday 04/06/09

  • Music and visual arts workshops with all Original Cultures artists
  • From 10am to 8pm, including break
  • Location: Spazio Si, Teatro San Leonardo, Arena Orfeonica

Friday 05/06/09

  • Music and visual arts workshops with all Original Cultures artists
  • From 10am to 1pm
  • Location: Spazio Si, Teatro San Leonardo
  • Workshops with students from Accademia delle Belle arti Bologna and DAMS
  • From 3pm to 6pm
  • Location: Spazio Si, Teatro San Leonardo
  • Seminar on arts and culture with all Original Cultures artists
  • From 7pm to 9pm
  • Location: Libreria Modo Info Shop

Saturday 06/06/09

  • Original Cultures Live Showcase
  • From 8pm to 12am
  • Location: Spazio SI

Original Cultures pilot – Output / Impact

  • Creation of collaborative works during the pilot
  • Creation of remixes of the collaborative works following the pilot
  • Cultural and artistic exchange between artists, both during and after the pilot
  • Interaction between artists and the public
  • Interaction between artists and art students
  • Documentation in audio, visual, and text formats of the entire process
  • The use and appropriation of new and existing spaces in Bologna
  • Increased awareness of foreign cultures and modern performing arts
  • Increased exposure for European and Japanese artists abroad
  • Creation of a link between artists of different countries and fostering of relations to help initiate future collaborative works between artists
  • Nurturing of relationships between artists in different countries
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