Tayone’s musical career started in 1997 when he won the first edition of the Italian ITF DJ battle chapter at a young age. In the same year, riding on the wave of his win, he becomes of Alien Army, the first Italian turntablist crew. In 1998 he wins the second edition of ITF’s Italy chapter and ends up fourth at the world finals. In 1999, Alien Army release their first album, ‘Orgasmi Meccanici’, on Royality Records. In 2001, Tayone takes the title at the Vestax Extravaganza Italy.

Quickly Tayone becomes one of the best scratchers in the country, if not Europe, allowing him to take part in various live tours with Alien Army, Zero Stress, Chief and Soci and others. In 2003 he is chosen as the official DJ for the Nike Freestyle Tour in Italy, and also judges and showcases at the ITF German and Austrian finals. Alien Army also releases their second album that year, ‘The End’, in tandem with Hip Hop Slam, Billy Jam’s legendary label based on the US West Coast. In 2004 he continues to tour across Italy and abroad, including appearances at major festivals such as Arezzo Wave and Hip Hop Kemp (CZ), and is once more chosen to judge at the ITF, this time for the world finals.

It’s during that time that he meets the famed multi-instrumentalist Bruno Briscik. Out of their meeting comes a new project, Rasjaful, which blends both of their musical backgrounds and work. In September 2005, he releases ‘Sbarbie Live in Praga’, his first solo release and a little known jewel in the scratch music world. From that point onwards he continues to focus his work on production and making music, while doing more live work with Bruno as well as Skizo from Alien Army and DJ Excess, from America.

In the last few years he has released with and taken part in the rap group I Fluxer, Rasjaful (a jazz, rock and funk combo with Bruno Briscik), Bungalow Zen (with DJ Skizo and a string of guests) and The Stones (an electro jazz project featuring MPC, turntables, bass, and live dubbing). He’s worked with the French saxophonist Mark Baron, the ensemble Pas Polis, the trombonist Fabio Morgera, the drummer Bruce Cox from Philadelphia, Franco Micalizzi and the Big Bubblin Band (as part of the Gli Originali project). In addition to this he’s also worked with the cream of the Italian Jazz scene including Carlo Atti, Nico Menci, Fabrizio Bosso, Giancarlo Bianchetti, Alessandro Meroli, Max Dall’Omo, Lorenzo Feliciati, Silvia Donati and more.

2009 will see the release of his first proper solo album, ‘Photographie’, which features Neffa, Patrik Benifei, Blu Rum 13, Anti Anti, Samuel Subsonica, Franco Micalizzi, Silvia Donati, Carlo Atti, Giancarlo Biancheti, Bruno Briscik, Skizo and Sean Martin.

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