The live showcase will close the Original Cultures pilot on the evening of Saturday 6 June 2009. The showcase will include works created by the artists during the workshops in the 3 preceding days, as well as documentation media (video, photo) and more.

Taking place in Spazio Si, a modern theater space, the showcase will take on a unique form to reflect the space and intention of the project. This won’t be just a simple showcase but rather an all-evening event that incorporates live and prepared elements.

The showcase will be directed by the artists themselves.

The night will be split into 2 parts: from 6pm until 10pm there will be an ‘aperitivo’ with live painting, music from the Original Cultures artists and organisers as well as the possibility for the audience to meet with and talk some more with the artists. From 10pm until midnight the showcase proper will take place with live music, art and more.

There will be a bar set up in the courtyard adjacent to the theater for the duration of the evening.

Location: Spazio Si
Time: 6pm to midnight (Aperitivo with live painting 6pm to 10pm. Showcase 10pm to midnight)
Entrance: 7,00 Euros

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