What is Original Cultures?

Original Cultures is a non-profit project that aims to create, facilitate and promote cultural exchange between European countries and Japan through the medium of modern performing arts in new and unique ways.

There is an amazing wealth of talent, cultural diversity and traditions in modern performing arts in both Japan and Europe. However, for years language, distance and communication have made it difficult for artists in Europe and Japan to collaborate and for the intricacy and richness of the cultures to be properly exposed to the public outside of the respective countries. While the internet has helped to reduce the issue of distance, as well as language and communication to a lesser extent, there still lacks a real program of cultural exchange between Japan and European countries at the level of modern performing arts.

Original Cultures aims to create such a program through the development and implementation of activities that form the basis of a regular Cultural Exchange Program (CEP) between the countries. All Original Cultures CEP activities will be documented and archived on the internet in multimedia formats to create an interactive and unique record of the ongoing cultural exchange.

The CEP aims to further people’s understanding of the globalised world we live in through cultural exchange via the performing arts. It aims to help people in European countries learn more about Japanese and other European cultures, and to help people in Japan learn more about the diversity and differences of European cultures. Furthermore, by creating opportunities for transnational collaborations and cultural exchange at the artist level, Original Culture’s CEP can help the development and growth of regional artists and art scenes in Europe and Japan.

Original Cultures pilot

As part of the development and future realisation of its CEP, Original Cultures is planning a pilot to take place in June 2009 in Bologna, Italy. The pilot will focus on all key activities of Original Cultures’ CEP and feature artists from England, Italy and Japan from the fields of modern music and visual arts.

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